Pinterest, not as easy as it looks….

    I'm still here!  You know, just in case you were wondering.... I have been quite the busy bee lately.  For some reason I am feeling the need to branch out and ...

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New Soap Bars

  I know it seems I have not spent much time soaping lately.  However, I completed the Palau bars.  That in itself was a feat of wonder.  :)  Wholesale orders are ...

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WOW!  Where did this summer go????  School here starts in a little less than 2 weeks, and I do not remember a summer moving any faster in all my 43 ...

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Well, here we are in July...  my how does the time fly??? Let's see, where to start...  I did notice that the Etsy link is not working on the homepage.  So ...

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A Little Piece of Me

I know I promised last year to be more diligent in posting.  I admit to breaking that promise, and for that I apologize whole-heartedly.  I realized today that it has ...

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Sweet Soapy Bubbles!

Last weekend was a super busy one for me.  My mom and I whipped out 12 - that is right, I said 12! - new soap loaves for your latest ...

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the irish rain bar

Current Happenings…

It seems my New Year's resolution to be more active with the blog has not gone as intended.  However, I am definitely going to keep this updated more often.  Whether ...

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New Soap Curing!

Last Saturday I whipped up a few more batches of soap with some new fragrance oils I ordered during the holidays. Have I mentioned I just love fragrances????  Scents are probably ...

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It’s Been So Long!

I made a New Year's resolution!  This one, I am going to try to make stick.  As most of us are, I start out great, but then it fizzles after ...

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In honor of Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Small Business Saturday, I am holding a 30% off sale to cover ALL THREE DAYS!!!!  (November 22 - 24, 2012) All you have to ...

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